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Herbal seafood
jade colored ramen noodle

It’s good for blood circulation disorder and anemia.
Please enjoy jade colored noodles and soup!


Hot and sour noodle soup

Enjoy the balance of taste of sour and spicy!


Sticky rice with herd pork wrapped
in bamboo sheath

¥480 (+tax) one piece
Sticky rice are prepared with a mixture of Shiitake mushroom, dried shrimp, Goji berries, lotus seed and braised pork in Chinese herb stuff.


Pan fried radish cake

Pan fried radish cakes are very popular dim sum dish in Taiwan.
It’s made of shredded radish and plain rice flour and crispy outside.


Steamed chicken with Goji berry

Steamed chicken is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine dish.
It is prepared with a soft steamed young chicken with special green onion and Goji berry.


Rice porridge with
Ginkgo nuts and Tofu skin

Rice porridge is prepared with Ginkgo nuts, Goji berries and Tofu skin.
It helps your tired body.


Stir fried seasonal vegetable

We have variety of Stir fried vegetable each season.


Dried Tofu with Taiwanese radish

Please enjoy the texture of dried Tofu!


Spring rolls of vegetables

Vegetables and hoisting to one, it is spring rolls that are fried in oil. Crunchy it features.